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Dave Roberts

I cannot recommend Pippa and her team enough. I was suffering from a painful right knee, which was effecting my sporting activities and spilling over into everyday life, such as driving. After many weeks failed self help, I knew the best decision was to have a consultation, and this was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I was amazed by the quick and effortless diagnosis, which was made in less than a minute! Her enthusiasm turned the experience into a really positive session for me, and will make a massive difference to me for the rest of my life! I just would never have noticed where my weakness was, and what was causing my pain, which left untreated, would have meant an early retirement from football and running.

Pippa gives you so much confidence, and with her experience, knowledge and zest it leaves you with a smile and a real belief. Two weeks after my 1st consultation, my pain has gone, my knee is stronger, and I`m almost keeping up with the youngsters on the football pitch, and running twice a week again.

Anyone who has a niggle, or a major issue, then I highly recommend you take expert advice, and P Bassett Physiotherapy is definately my choice.


I was recently cared for by Tom Jacobs and wanted to take the opportunity to provide some positive feedback which people so rarely take the time to do. Given that I'm a reluctant patient when it comes to any aspect of health care, I find it even more important to provide feedback when a health practitioner is able to make me feel as relaxed, comfortable and confident in their abilities as Tom did.

He was extremely professional and provided me with reassurance and practical advice to deal with my problem. So, a big thank you to Tom for making my first visit to a physio such a positive experience, and for helping me to recover quickly so that I could get back to more pressing matters.


Well Pippa,
All I can say is that you are brilliant. Everything you thought has turned out to be right. Our son was seen by the consultant as you suggested, he has a minor tear, he is having a brace fitted tomorrow, (which is essential, as you said), and an MRI scan on Tuesday just to double check that there is nothing else. The consultant was great.

Many thanks,


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